Clues To Go

East Yorkshire & the Wolds

Drives are yellow, walks are green. See bottom of page for details of how to order Clues To Go routes.


Route Location

Bridlington Harbour & South Promenade

A stroll along the prom. at Bridlington, East Yorkshire, around the harbour and then along the South Beach. The questions are constructed for all the family. Nothing too cryptic.

Approx 1 mile (2 hours)



Hull - Historical Centre

The renovated centre of Hull is now an attractive place to spend a morning or afternoon exploring.

Less than 1 mile (2 hours)




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We can e-mail or post you the question & answer pages.

You will be e-mailed three password-protected web pages to access (two versions of the questions page, for either printing or downloading to your mobile device, the third contains the answers). You should receive this e-mail within a few hours of ordering. One route costs £3.65. Any three routes ordered together cost £6.65. More details are given on the orders page.

Alternatively, the question & answer pages can be posted to you in hardcopy form. The answers will be in a separate, sealed envelope. One route in hardcopy form costs £4.95. The cost for any three routes ordered together is £10.85. More details are given on the orders page.


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