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Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Rutland.

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Route Location

Southwell Circular Route

This route is currently being re-written

29 miles (3-4 hours)


Bingham to Melton Mowbray

This drive starts in the busy little town of Bingham, just off the A46. After a brief diversion around some local backroads, it heads for Belvoir Castle , circling the stately home and then taking the pretty route to Melton Mowbray.

40 miles (3-4 hours)



A tour of Rutland

Rutland - Britain's smallest county but a little gem for a Clues To Go route. A combination of history and beautiful countryside, as you circle Rutland Water from one historic town, Oakham, to another, Uppingham.

34 miles (3-4 hours)




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