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Norfolk & Suffolk

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Route Location

Norwich City Centre

A short walk around the central streets & squares of Norwich, starting at the Guildhall, visiting the Cathedral Close before returning via Elm Hill.

Less than 1 mile (about 2 hours)



Norwich including the river.

A walk around the centre of Norwich starting at the Guildhall, taking in a visit to the Cathedral Close followed by a stroll along a section of the river Wensum, before returning to the market square.

Approx 1 mile (about 2 hours)



Beccles to Wymondham

A drive through some of the narrower country lanes that lie on the border between Norfolk & Suffolk. The questions are not so hard but you will be either very lucky or very skilled if you manage not to get lost at some stage. Beccles is west of Lowestoft, just off the A146.

31 miles (3-4 hours)



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