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Yorkshire Coast

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Route Location

Bridlington Harbour & South Promenade

A stroll along the prom. at Bridlington, East Yorkshire, around the harbour and then along the South Beach. The questions are constructed for all the family. Nothing too cryptic.

Approx 1 mile (2 hours)




Flamborough Head to Filey (The seabirds' coast)

The short journey from Flamborough Head to Filey. Flamborough Head on a sunny day can be a delight for walks along the cliffs and down to the rocky coves, particularly if you're a birdwatcher. Filey's beaches go on forever and the resort seafront is pleasantly understated.

 10 miles  (approx 3 hours)



North Yorkshire Moors Rail Trail

Starting at Goathland, on the North Yorkshire Moors, this short hike follows a section of the old North Yorkshire Moors Railway via Beck Hole to Grosmont Station.

Approx 3.5 miles (2-3 hours)



Robin Hood's Bay

A walk down into this old fishing village that was notorious in its time for smuggling on a large scale.

Less than 1 mile (1 hour)



Scarborough's Marine Drive & Harbour

A walk along Scarborough's Marine Drive, circling the base of the headland that forms Castle Hill and finishing by the lighthouse on the harbour.

Approx 1 mile (2 hours)

Crypticness: 10%

Whitby and the 199 Steps

The old town of Whitby lies in the shadow of St Mary's church and the Abbey on the east cliff. This walk is not a long trek along a given route. All the answers can be found on either Church Street, or up the 199 steps to St Mary's church and the Abbey. Less than a mile, but includes a climb up the 199 steps.

Less than 1 mile (Approx 2 hours)



Whitby, both sides of harbour

Whitby has some steep streets to climb, but this is just a stroll around the wonderful old streets of this charming fishing town. Everywhere you go, the ghost of Captain James Cook follows you. The route starts at the Whalebone Arch on the West Cliff, takes you down by the harbour, across the bridge and into the old town on the east side.

1 mile (2 hours)




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