Clues To

If you are going to contact us because you haven't yet received the routes you recently ordered, please note the following:-

Orders (by credit card) to be e-mailed to you.

We usually send you these within an hour or so of receiving the order. Therefore if it's more than 12 hours since you submitted your order, something has probably gone astray. The order comes to us via PayPal & then we e-mail you the access codes for the routes ordered. However, on rare occasions something blocks these getting through to you. If you have placed your order using your company e-mail address, some companies block incoming e-mails that contain links to internet web pages. You may also be using an internet security package or firewall that is set up to do this (if so, you may find the message in your 'spam' or 'junk' e-mail folder). Occasionally e-mails do also go astray.

Therefore please send us a follow-up e-mail using the link below & include in your message an alternative e-mail address and either a contact phone number or a mailing address. We will get back to you via one of these.

Update: We regularly have difficulties getting through to HOTMAIL addresses, as your account may be set to only receive incoming e-mails from known sources (which makes sense, to eliminate Spam). If you are using a HOTMAIL address for your order, then on your Hotmail home page,  please  go into CONTACTs and click on 'New' and then add the following e-mail address:- . Then click on the link below and ask us to re-send your order.

Orders for hardcopies to be posted to you.

We post these to you (first class mail) upon receipt of your PayPal / credit card order. If you don't receive these within 5 days, then please send us a follow-up e-mail using the link below.

If you are having difficulty opening the web pages with the access codes/passwords provided, please make sure you are inputting ALL the user name in lower case letters (including the initial letter).

Please also use this link for any other feedback & comments

you have regarding Clues To Go.