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A compact walking route that starts on Pierrepoint Street, by the Orange Grove, then along Upper Borough Walls before passing the Theatre Royal, the Baths, pump rooms and finally the abbey grounds.

The answers to the questions are, in the main, found in the ancient inscriptions, plaques etc on the historic buildings that you pass on the route.

Apart from the Royal Crescent, which you can visit separately, this route takes you to most of the other main sights in the town.  The Romans built a temple & bathing complex over Britain's only hot spring. The Victorians, with their love of 'taking of the waters', then updated the arrangements with a pump room and spa and the modern version is still functioning today.

Bath abbey is the third of a series of abbeys built on the same site in the town centre. The first Saxon Abbey, built in 757AD, was pulled down by the Normans, who then built their own cathedral on the site in 1090. This one went to ruin and in 1499 the current abbey's building commenced.

This route is wheelchair friendly. Pay & Display car parking can be found across the bridge from the starting point, either side of North Parade Road near the sports centre. Alternatively you can use one of three park & ride car parks on the outskirts of town.

Public toilets are located near the start, in Parade Gardens, and also half way along the route, near the Theatre Royal.

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