Clues To Go     -      Cardiff City Centre

Cardiff is now famous for the Millenium Stadium and its restored & modernised water front. Its a city split into areas, each with its own character. This route is a short walk around the older area of town that lies in front of Cardiff castle.

The questions vary from very straight forward to four or five rather cryptic ones. The route would be suitable for both an adult social event in the city or families with older children on an afternoon exploring the town centre.

The streets of Cardiff will be familiar to you if you are fan of Doctor Who or Torchwood, as many of their outdoor locations are filmed here.


Caroline Street, half way along this route, is nicknamed 'Chippy Street' and you will see that there is an obvious reason for this!

Car parks are well signposted as you approach the city centre. You could, though, make use of the quite cheap park & ride scheme, particularly if you are arriving from the east of the city. There is a charge for parking the car (£3) but the bus service into town is free.

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