Clues To Go    -    Henley in Arden to Evesham

This Clues To Go driving route would suit both a family outing or a group of adults competing against each other, maybe in teams. Apart from 7 questions to be answered on the way, the route requires the car to be parked in first Henley, then Alcaster & finally Evesham, in order to locate most of the answers on foot in these towns. Therefore the car driver can actively take part.

Evesham town centre, where the route finishes, contains several pubs, restaurants & cafes in which to meet up afterwards. Alternatively, on a sunny day or evening the river bank would be a pleasant place to settle for a picnic.

Henley in Arden is a continuation of the Tudor theme, architecture-wise, that dominates the local area in larger towns such as Warwick & Stratford on Avon. A little off the tourist trail, it makes a good start to this tour of a pretty & historic region of the Midlands, which takes in another gem of a small town, Alcaster, before finishing in Evesham.

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