Clues To Go   -   Hull - Historical Centre

A lot of investment has gone into cleaning up the centre of the city of Hull. It is now a combination of restored historic buildings, modern shopping malls and pedestrian-friendly back streets. The boundaries to this route are Princes Quay to the west, Market Place / Lowgate to the east and the A63 dual carrigaeway to the south.

There are plenty of car parks close to Princes Quay. The railway station is only a few hundred metres to the north-west of the route, as is the bus station.

This walking route is suitable for families exploring the city centre and also for a group of friends or work colleagues looking for a fun few hours relaxation. It starts and finishes in Queen Victoria's Square, close to the Princes Quay shopping centre, and takes in some of the recently smartened-up old town roads and back streets.


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