Clues To Go   -   Malham

Starting in the market town of Skipton, follow winding moorland roads up into the limestone scenery, climaxing in Malham, with its cove and tarn. Then, after viewing Pen-y-ghent, descend into Ribblesdale and finish in Settle. Nearly all the answers to the questions will be found by parking your car in the villages & towns shown on the map and taking a short stroll. In between, enjoy the scenery. The driver will need to concentrate on the road ahead, as this is often single-track with passing places.  Market day in Settle is Tuesday.

No questions to answer in Skipton - this is just a convenient starting point.

On the route, Kirkby Malham church (Saint Michael the Archangel) is particularly interesting, usually open and welcoming. Step inside, remembering it is a place of Christian worship and respecting it as such. Interesting items inside include a ducking stool, an 11th century font and an 'invasion beam' that could be drawn across the door to keep out invaders. You'll also find the village stocks in the churchyard.

Malham cove & tarn are well known to geography students as prime examples of limestone pavement scenery. The cove is actually the dried out bed of a high waterfall. Nowadays the reduced stream disappears underground into the porous limestone before it reaches the cliff and re-appears in a small pool at the cliff base. The area is extremely popular with hikers. Maybe you'll fancy a walk yourself whilst there.

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