Clues To Go    -    Matlock to Bakewell

Locate the answers to the first few questions on foot in Matlock town centre. Then you take the A6 towards Bakewell but soon turn off left in order to visit several out of the way villages. These include Winster (famous for its market house & morris dancers) & Youlgreave, a restful backwater with a fine medieval church. Both were once centres for the lead mining industry but you would hardly tell now. There is also a diversion up to Birchover & Stanton in Peak, where you can admire the magnificent views from on high.

Although there are no questions to be answered there, the route finishes in Bakewell, where you are spoilt for choice with a selection of hostelries, cafes & restaurants, including the Rutland Arms (mentioned by Jane Austin in Pride & Prejudice).

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