Clues To Go    -    Newcastle's Historical Centre

This route moves in the opposite direction from the 'City Centre' route and the questions mainly relate to the historical  buildings & personalities that are comemorated in varies ways as you walk from the ancient castle, past the station, along pedestrianised streets and finishing at the end of New Bridge Street.

The history of Newcastle tends to be dominated by the industrial revolution of the 19th & 20th centuries, but the city's origins go back much further (the clue is in the name....).

Although the Romans were the first to build a fort at Newcastle (calling it 'Pons Aelius', it was the Normans who established it with a 'new castle'. The castle you see today was built by Henry II in the late 12th century.

It was the Victorians who created the modern city you find here today, including the famous bridge, railway station and town centre arcades.

Coal mining, shipbuilding & heavy engineering brought wealth to the city, and amongst many inovations that saw the first light of day here were the steam train, the steam turbine, the hydraulic crane and even the electric light bulb (Joseph Swan demonstrated this a year before Thomas Edison in the USA  - they came to a mutual agreement in the end regarding its future development).

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