Clues To Go   -   Northampton to Towcester

This route starts at Billing Aquadrome (although you can start from the centre of Northampton if you wish & take the A45 east, turning off at the signs for the Billing Aquadrome), from where you head south along minor 'B' roads, visiting an assortment of villages & hamlets spread across the south Northamptonshire countryside.

The route crosses over the M1 and concludes in the town of Towcester. There are no questions to be answered in the town when you get there but it does make a convenient place to finish the day if you are looking for refreshment.

Towcester is supposedly the oldest town in the county and was important back in the times of the Romans as it was a stopping off point on the Roman road of Watling Street, now the A5. In the 18th & 19th centuries it flourished for similar reasons, as it was on the stage coach & mail coach route north-west from London to Holyhead. Nowadays it is better known for its racecourse and also its nearness to the Silverstone motor racing circuit.

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