Clues To Go    -    Norwich, including the river

This walk is a similar route to that of the 'City Centre' walk (though all the questions are completely different), but has an added loop that temporarily gets way from the bustle of the town centre and takes a diversion along a quiet section of the riverside.

You start in the busy market square, then through the Royal Arcade and down London Street before passing through Cathdral Close and along Ferry Lane to the river Wensum. The route comes to its completion on the cobblestoned streets around tudor Elm Hill & the Cathedral Quarter.

When the first settlement that was to become Norwich was being established by the Saxons, the river Wensum had its roll to play, as it gave access to the sea for herring fishing and trade with Europe.

In those days, Tombland was the centre of the settlement, as it straddled a much older, pre-Roman crossroads and was the location for the local market in those days. However, when the Normans came, they moved the market to its current location, built the castle close by and in 1096 started building the cathedral.

Tombland, by the way, has nothing to do with a graveyard. It derives from the Saxon 'tum land', meaning 'open space'

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