Clues To Go    -    North Yorkshire Moors - Abbeys

This route starts in the town of Helmsley on the A170 Scarborough to Thirsk road.  You then take the winding country lanes that cross the southwest corner of the Yorkshire Moors National Park before dropping down into the Vale of Pickering to visit Byland,Ampleforth & Oswaldkirk.

The Cistercian Abbey at Rievaulx is well known. If you have time, visit the Terrace and Temples set above it. Apart from Rievaulx, you pass Byland Abbey (see photo above) & later, Ampleforth College.

You could make a full day out for this route, and  take time to visit Rievaulx and Byland Abbeys. Linger in Helmsley, either at the start of the route, or after you finish it. Also, the top of Sutton Bank is worth a diversion, with some beautiful walks with views across the Vale of York. You can also watch the gliders circling in the thermals above the cliff.  

As there are some very steep roads involved, you cannot follow this route if there has been heavy snowfall on the hills in the winter months.

You will pass the  White Horse at Kilburn. The outline of this was originally staked out by schoolchildren and then, in 1857, 31 local men cleared the site and cut the turf to expose the limestone rock beneath.

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