Clues To Go     -      Lincoln City walk

This route is quite short, but packed with interesting historic buildings & features. Starting outside the gates of the castle, you visit the cathedral grounds & then set off down Steep Hill, passing the medieval & tudor residences of past inhabitants until you reach the more modern town centre, finishing at Stonebow & the Guildhall.

Steep Hill is very appropriately named - it descends at a fierce incline down the cobbles. Either getting to the start of the route or returning after you've completed it will probably involve the energetic climb back up.

The square at the start of the route is the location for Lincoln's annual Christmas Market, based on similar ones held across Germany & is organised in conjunction with Lincoln's twin town of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse.

Medieval Lincoln's economy was based on cloth and wool, most famously endorsed by  Robin Hood & his outlaws supposedly wearing clothes of Lincoln green.

Car parking is signposted as you approach the city - you can either park near the castle (follow the signs for Cathedral & Castle parking) or downtown and walk up the hill to the start. Of course you can also arrive by train or bus.

Due to the steepness of the hill, this route would probably be difficult to complete in a wheelchair.

There are plenty of cafes & bars both at the start and finish of the route. Public toilets are located close to the castle entrance & are signposted near the end of the route in town.

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