Clues To Go   -    Saltaire to Bingley Locks

This is a 3-mile walk, firstly around the centre of Saltaire 'model village' and the adjoining Roberts Park. Then along the tow path of the Leeds & Liverpool canal to Bingley, finishing at Bingley 5-Rise Locks. It is suitable for a family group or group of friends. The questions are not difficult and mainly observational.

It takes a maximum of 3 hours to complete, but you can add an extra hour or more to enjoy a stop off for lunch at a pub on the way, or at the cafe at the 5-rise locks. Then either walk back the way you came (approx 2.5 miles - maybe varying the return journey by taking the walk through Hirst Wood) or catch a bus or short train ride from Bingley back to Saltaire. You could complete the route in the morning and have lunch in either Bingley or Saltaire or alternatively it would nicely fill up an afternoon or summer's evening.

As you can see from the photos, the route takes in some wonderful Penine scenery, filled in with finely restored  buildings and technology from the Industrial 19th century.

You can reach Saltaire by car, bus or train (the railway station is close to the start of the route, as are the car parks (which are free on Sundays).

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