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A walk along Scarborough's Marine Drive, circling the base of the headland that forms Castle Hill. You start at the northern end, outside the Sands Development in Peasholm Gap and finish at the Lighthouse Pier on the harbour.



Pay-&-display car parking is available the full length of the Marine Drive, around the castle headland. Public toilets are located half way around the Drive and also at the entrance to the East Pier, close by the funfair.

There are plenty of options for food and drink, both at the start and the finish of this route.

This walk is approximately a mile in length and  the vast majority of the questions can be answered without having to negotiate any steps or steep slopes. Question 7 is one exception, though the steps here can be avoided with a slight detour. Also, question 25 involves descending a couple of steps at the end of the pier.

As you stroll along this dramatic coastal road, keep an eye out both to sea and up on the craggy headland in order to spot marine and bird life.


On a sunny day, the walk around the headland is a popular route for walkers of all ages and abilities. It can, however, get somewhat blustery and so an extra layer of clothing is recommended.




A large number of the answers to the 25 questions are to be found on the many information boards located along the entire route.  The Marine Drive was originally built over one hundred years ago and the story of its construction is told on six of these information boards, that are spread out along the full length of the recently re-built sea wall .






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