Clues To Go     -      St Ives

This route starts at Malakoff Gardens on the headland overlooking St Ives harbour, as you enter the town from the south-east. You then walk down into town, anwering questions on the way until you arrive at the lifeboat station by the harbour. Then you continue around the harbour side, finishing the route by the lighthouse at the end of the outer pier.

The town shares with the rest of Cornwall the mild climate brought to these shores by the gulf stream and so a day on the surrounding beaches in the summer months is always a pleasure.

St Ives is not just another pretty Cornish fishing town but also a centre for the arts. Barbara Hepworth sculptures are dotted around the town, to be appreciated by the passer-by. Contemporary artists' studios can be found in many of the backstreets & are worth a visit, as well as the local Tate Gallery. Artists over the centuries have made much of the unique natural light in this area of Britain.

This route is negotiable in a wheelchair, although the rather steep descent down the street from Malakoff Gardens into town may present a bit of a challenge.

Car parking is signposted as you enter the town. Public toilets are located near the lifeboat by the harbour and also at the entrance to  the lighthouse pier.

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