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The Pantiles in Royal Tunbridge Wells is a Georgian Square, now pedestrianised, that combines a promenade of shops & cafes with a fine collection of historic buildings, harking back to the days when the spring waters attracted the aristocracy & the wealthy of London to  'The Wells'.

The Pantiles are located at the southern end of the London Road & Tunbridge Wells High Street. The railway station is only a short stroll from the area & multi-storey car parking is also close by.

The discovery in 1606 of the Chalybeate Spring, a well that produced spa water rich in iron, gave Tunbridge Wells its name and claim to fame. The spring still exists, overlooked by the Dippers Hall, on the Pantiles.

Actually, the Wells were originally called Frant Wells, then renamed Queen Mary's Wells (after the queen who reigned with here husband, William, from 1689-94) before aquiring its present name.

You can still try the spa waters, served by costumed 'Dippers' at the Hall during summer months, though you may prefer to take your  refreshment instead from one of many cafes & restaurants found in the Pantiles.

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