Clues To Go   -   Warwick

The town centre of Warwick is a mixture of old Tudor England and all subsequent periods of architecture, with many quiet streets & back alleys to be explored. The castle, of course, is well worth a visit, though is not part of this route.

This Clues To Go route would suit both a family outing, exploring the town, or a group of adults competing against each other, maybe in teams.

Car parks are signposted as you enter the town - there are several quite close to the town centre square, where this route starts & finishes. Here you'll find several pubs, restaurants & cafes in which to meet up afterwards. 

The town & defences of Warwick were originally set up in 914AD to counter Danish invaders, as the hill it sits on controls the river valley & river crossing for the road to London. The impressive medieval castle followed later.

Much of the original town was destroyed by fire in 1694 and so today the town centre contains many fine 17th & 18th century buildings that replaced the older ones lost. However there are still some medieval properties remaining, including the old Guildhall and some ancient, timber-framed houses including Okens House.

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