Clues To Go    -    Whitby & 199 Steps

The old town of Whitby lies in the shadow of St Mary's church and the Abbey on the East Cliff. This walk is not a long trek along a given route - there is no route map. Instead, you are given a starting point by the harbour and the answers can be found in three given sections of the town (harbour side, Church St. & then at the top of the cliff around St Mary's church).

There is car parking available by the harbour or up the hill by the Abbey. However, on busy weekends or holidays it is easier finding parking spaces (for free - no time limit) on the West Cliff. Both trains and buses set you down close to the old town and harbour.

This route does involve a steep climb up, yes, 199 steps (count them). However, the view back down to the harbour as you climb is a good excuse to keep stopping to get your breath back.

One alternative is to park at the pay & display car park near the abbey and walk down into town to the start of the route (though don't use this option if you plan on returning into town after completing it, as you will have to ascend the steps twice in one day!).

Whitby is also where Captain James Cook learnt his sailing & navigation skills before setting off on his life of exploration around the globe - his statue looks out over the town from the West Cliff.

Whitby has big connections with the novel 'Dracula'. The author, Bram Stoker, wrote some of the story whist staying near by at Ravenscar. Consequently, the port featured as the place where Dracula supposedly landed in England.



The town's narrow streets are full of fascinating curio shops selling things that are generally a bit different from the usual tourist mementos, such as locally produced jet jewelry, kippers & fudge, 'goth' jewelry & clothing & excellent seafood to take home.

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