Clues To Go   -    Wimborne to Verwood

This drive through Thomas Hardy country starts with a few questions to answer on foot in the town centre of Wimborne, near Poole. Then it takes you first along a road towards Blandford, that has a wonderful avenue of trees either side, before turning off into some quiet backroads of Dorset and finally finishing in Verwood.

Interest & pretty villages you pass through include Tarrant Monkton, the Gussages & Wimborne St Giles.

Wimborne St Giles is the home of the Earls of Shaftsbury, The statue of Eros in Picadilly, London, is a monument to the philanthropic 7th Earl. Eros is pointing his bow & arrow in the direction of this village!

While in Wimborne you may wish to visit the Minster, St Cuthgurga, which features on its west tower the 'Quarter Jack', a figure of a grenadier that strikes the quarter hours, The original figure doing this was a monk, but it was replaced during the Napolionic Wars. Near to the Minster is the Model Town which recreates Wimborne, in 1/10th scale, as it was in the 1950s.

Tarrant Monkton's claim to fame is its ford, which at times can be impassable.

Gussage All Saints (the name Gussage is believed to mean  'a gush of water') is built on the site of an iron age chariot factory abandoned in 80AD.

Car parking is signposted as you enter Wimborne. There are public toilets available close to the car park in Verwood, where there is only one question to answer when you finish the route, as the preceding villages are rather more interesting, but it makes a logical place to conclude things.

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