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Starting in the small town of Garstang, this route quickly drives east under the M6 and into the Forest of Bowland. After climbing over the moor, it descends into the award winning village of Chipping and then continues to the local town of Longridge. A great variety of countryside in a short distance.


20 miles

3 hours

There's a pay & display car park in Garstang. The village of Chipping makes a pleasant stopover for refreshments. When you reach Longridge you will find plenty of on-street parking around the town centre.

Start by parking in the town of Garstang. The answers to the first 8 questions can be found along its High Street or just beyond, towards the Canal.


What date goes with GEMJC?


Answer (4 pts)


Blackboard & chalk for 174 years here.


Answer (4 pts)


Founded in the late 19th century, a building that genuflexes with its takings.

Answer (5pts)


Youth & sharp sightedness do a turn down this alley.


Answer (3pts)


Whose name features under a Lancashire Rose & 2 lions?

Answer (3pts)


What did Mrs.Webb do at the Methodist church?


Answer (3pts)


They're probably used to handling bails of hay & wrestling with wayward beasts as well as raising a pint.

Answer (5pts)


The name for a safe mooring place on a navigation.


Answer (4 pts)

Leave Garstang on the B6430 signposted for Preston, but turn left at Dimples Lane and cross the canal.. At the next junction, turn left for Barnacre.


After leaving Garstang, watch out for the Slinke Rams.

Clue: anagram.

Answer (4 pts)

After crossing the M6, follow the signs for Calder Vale & St John's church, but when you reach a sign that indicates you have arrived at St John's by turning right, DON'T. Instead, continue on the road for Chipping.


Do you come down with something nasty in this Lane?

Answer (5pts)


What is the name of the quarry you pass.

Clue: watch out for a small car park to your right as you drive over a hill.

Answer (4 pts)


Blow your horn at this hall.


Answer (4 pts)


You can really take off at the BFGC (what?)


Answer (5pts)

Enter Chipping and park the car in the signposted park. Take a stroll around this pleasant village.


What is the name of the chapel errected by subscription in 1838?

Answer (3pts)


In Chipping churchyard if the first line reads EHRP, What is the next line?

Answer (4 pts)


Where do you find 2 rampant golden lions?


Answer (4 pts)


Etched in stone, what is the name of the river that flows through Chipping?

Answer (3pts)

Now leave Chipping down Windy Street heading for the Longbridge road.


As you leave Chipping, what local community facility do you pass?

Answer (4 pts)


If you drive just 100 yards towards Inglewhite, what do you come to?

Answer (4 pts)


If CWW is 18, whats CI?


Answer (5 pts)


When was Thornley School founded?


Answer (4 pts)


A hostelry named after a town at the head of Teesdale.


Answer (4 pts)

Finally, park your car in Longridge & visit the church and the town centre.


As you enter the churchyard of St Pauls, you can see a crown, a bishops mitre & crossed swords. What is the date displayed?

Answer (3 pts)


What is the name of Longridge's sleeping cat?


Answer (4 pts)


Which service is the odd one out at the war memorial?


Answer (5 pts)

If you got everything correct, you scored 100 points.

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