A pleasant route from Matlock to Bakewell in the Peak District. A meandering drive that includes a diversion up to the little gem of Youlgreave before driving the long way around to Bakewell to take in the view of Chatsworth House.


Approx. 23 miles

3-4 hours


Plenty of onstreet parking in Matlock as well as car parks. parking in Bakewell can be a little more difficult, particularly at weekends & bank holidays, although there is a long stay park across the river. From start to finish there are plenty of places available for refreshment.



Park the car close to Matlock town centre and locate the answers to the first 6 questions. All answers are close to the town centre & there is no need to cross the bridge over to the railway side.


The sovereign's property (?) since 1889.


Answer (4 pts)


Go here to be driven by overhead power.

Clue: Its a sign.

Answer (4 pts)


Two dates on the same building, with the same numerals in a different order. What are they?

Answer (4 pts)


Where can you see a picture of (amongst others) a train coming out of a tunnel, above a bridge crossing a river.

Answer (4 pts)


J.T.C., written in stone. On what buildings?


Answer (4 pts)


Where do you find 8 circles, each aligned to a different compass direction?

Answer (5 pts)

Now leave Matlock heading for Darley Dale, but turn left for Darley Bridge and Winster. Questions 7 through 12 are answered between here & up to & including Winster.


In which village is this building?

Answer (3 pts)





In which village do you find  this?


Answer (3 pts)


Close to this public house, what common countryside feature is duplicated?

Answer (5 pts)


What is special about the road to Oaker?


Answer (3 pts)


The Italian connection, in 25 letters (as opposed to only 7 in the U.K.).

Answer (3 pts)


Locate this feature by the road close to Winster. Where did the grate come from?

Answer (3 pts)

After leaving Winster, stick to the B5056 and keep driving till you reach this junction, where you turn left. Questions 13 & 14 can be answered en route.






What goes with 'Rock Cottage'?


Answer (4 pts)


Three 'H's, a male red deer, a mound and a large building.

Answer (5 pts)

Questions 15 through 18 can be answered in Youlgreave. Park the car and give this village a little of your time. Its worth it.


What leads to Mawstone Lane?


Answer (3 pts)


From where came Youlgreave's first piped water supply?

Answer (4 pts)


What once traded under the triple arches?


Answer (4 pts)


Visit the church. What is number 8?


Answer (4 pts)

Re-trace your route back past Alport but when you come to the A6, instead of turning left to drive straight to Bakewell, turn right and then left in to Rowsley and take the scenic tour past Chatsworth House, visiting Beeley on the way. Only three questions to answer now en route to Bakewell. 


How many of these are there, by the stream in 'Yeeebl' (anagram).

Answer (3 pts)


Two B's together, heading in the same direction. One, mispronounced, means to make fast, at sea. What is the one below?

Answer (4 pts)





Which coat of arms has the motto 'Cavendo Tutus' inscribed on it?

Answer (4 pts)

After Chatsworth, turn left and pass Pilsley as you drive in to Bakewell. If you are staying a while, there is a large long stay car park to the left just before you enter the town. If you are planning on keeping it short, there is some short stay parking to be found in the town centre.


Where does the Bakewell Rotary Club meet?


Answer (4 pts)


On a town centre rooftop, what appears in one place once (with a blue background), and in a second place 3 times (with a red background)?

Answer (4 pts)


On what building do you find this motif?

Answer (4 pts)


On the WWII memorial in Bakewell, there is an addition from a later war. What war was this?

Answer (4 pts)


In the market square is located an amusing new addition of artwork. In this work, what are some local folk using to push others into the river?

Answer (4 pts)

If you got everything correct, you scored 100 points.

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