Starting at Ruswarp, near Whitby, going via Littlebeck to Grosmont, Egton Bridge and Goathland, before returning to Sleights.


4 hours


This route combines a visit to the delightful views of the Esk valley, to the tops of the Moors and the sheltered valleys occupied by the North York Moors Railway. Grosmont is of particular interest to railway enthusiasts.

The route takes some particularly narrow, steep non-classified roads that may be closed in the depths of a bad winter and are not suitable for caravans. A confident driver is required to manouver through parts of the route, but its well worth the trouble. You will need to leave the car parked on a couple of occasions in order to solve the clues.


Start on the north side of the Esk bridge in Ruswarp, near Whitby. The first two questions relate to Ruswarp. You will then leave Ruswarp on the Sneaton Road.


There, to wake up Ruswarp every morning, religiously? I doubt it.

Answer: (5 pts)


Two curved horizontals, how many perpendiculars?


Answer: (5 pts)

The answers to the next four questions could be anywhere on the entire route. Watch out for them. They are in travelling order, so if you correctly locate one, and haven't found the one before it, then you've missed it.


What name is engraved in stone above this? (Clue: watch out for a lion's head, also).

Answer: (5 pts)


In which village is this?

(Clue: its close to the Wheatsheaf Inn).

Answer: (5 pts)


On which church will your find this (name and village)? (Clue: at the entrance to the chuch yard there are two stone pillars and no gate, but also a third stone pillar in the bushes that has been chopped off short).

Answer: (5 pts)


In which village is this bridge?

Answer: (4 pts)

Drive to Sneaton and stop and visit St Hilda's church.


Find a dog, fast asleep(? is he from the continent?). The name of a passenger aircraft is represented below it. What aircraft is this?

Answer: (5 pts)


How many steps do you need to take to enter the churchyard?

Answer: (5 pts)


Have a drink, postie. Who was monarch when you first made a collection?

Answer: (4 pts)

Drive uphill from Sneaton and watch out for a right turn for Littlebeck (not suitable for heavy vehicles).


Where do you walk to from Littlebeck?


Answer: (3 pts)


What did Henry Ventress do in Littlebeck to celebrate George V's silver jubilee?

Answer: (4 pts)

Negotiate the steep climb out of the Esk valley from Littlebeck. When you reach the main road, turn left for Pickering. Not long after reaching the summit of the hill, turn right for Grosmont.


Its a bit of a steep climb for your money, whatever the colour.

Answer: (3 pts)


When you feel a rumble, there's white on the right, what's on the left?

Answer: (4 pts)

Take a break and park in Grosmont for a visit to the old railway.


Its all change at Grosmont. What for?


Answer: (4 pts)


What did Grosmont Post Office used to be (you don't need to visit the post office to find this out.).

Answer: (5 pts)


When was the Whitby and Pickering Railway Company established?

Answer: (4 pts)



What should passengers for Levisham do?


Answer: (4 pts)


How much used to be the fine for trespassing on the railways.

Answer: (4 pts)

Next, visit Egton (both right and left), then Egton Bridge and then head for Goathland.


Yet another St. Hilda's. What two numbers add up to 3367?

Answer: (4 pts)


After yet another rumble, a sign will answer, who were they, and what (amoungst other things) did they ever do for us?

Answer: (5 pts)


How far does Malyan Spout plunge?


Answer: (4 pts)


What's the date on the church weather vane?


Answer: (3 pts)

Turn left and drive through Beck Hole. No clues to solve here, but the route takes in some pleasing Moors scenery. After following the narrow moorland road, turn left on the main road and head for Sleights.


Who should keep to the left when approaching Sleights?

Answer: (5 pts)


This building is black and white and has a sign outside that belongs on an Inn, but it isn't. What is it?

Answer: (4 pts)

If you get all questions right, you will score 100 points.

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