A mystery tour, starting from the market town of Malton.


Approx. 40 miles

3 - 4 hours

 There is no route map or list of towns and villages to visit. You must work that out yourself from the clues provided. The route starts in the livestock market of Malton. Plenty of parking available in Malton town centre, unless you arrive on a busy market day. You may wish to study the route clues before setting out, to work out a rough idea of where you will be going.

    Answer question 1 in Malton. Then set off   westwards. You will pass these:-


Park your car in Malton town centre. The answer to question 1 can be found in the livestock market.


Mighty weapon of choice for scribes.

Clue: Found in the livestock market.

Answer (4 pts)

The answers to questions 2 through 5 will be found anywhere on the route. They are in correct sighting order.






Where's this?

Clue: Its on your left after leaving a scottish church.

Answer (3 pts)


Which village have you just passed through when you see this?

Clue: A fictional(?) indian question.

Answer (3 pts)


Where do you find this?

Clue: Village for your superior 'B'.

Answer (4 pts)


Where do you find this?

Clue: Another (churned) village 'B'.

Answer (3 pts)

Leave Malton heading west onto the dual carriageway. Drive 6 miles, to play noughts and crosses (?). Prior arrangements have been made. Turn left to leave the crowds behind.




Down a 1 in 7, ten families born on the right side of the track are represented how?

Answer (5 pts)

At the next junction, leave 13 and a 1/4 behind you, drive through 1 and head for 4 (but you won't actually go there).


Find some space for a kitchen here?


Answer (5 pts)

Immediately after finding the space in 7, above, turn right and right again. You will drive through a hamlet that's a question of pretence, and head for a village in charge of everyone.


What was built by the NRYCC in 1947?


Answer (4 pts)


Turn left when you see this, at the hut on a beach. Where is it?

Answer (3 pts)

Go topside, with your hand on the tiller. Here, turn left and left again. Drive straight for approx. 2 miles, until you reach a village churned up on the river.


Cross the river and turn right. Where would you be going if you had turned left just after the bridge?

Answer (5 pts)

You should have found all the earlier photo ID's (up to question 5) by now. Here's a fresh bunch.






Where's this? (It can be found anywhere in the remainder of the route).

Answer (3 pts)


Where's this?

(It can be found anywhere in the remainder of the route).

Clue: Very close to a female fox.

Answer (4 pts)


Where's this?

(It can be found anywhere in the remainder of the route).

Answer (4 pts)

Cross a beck, turn left and arrive at his nibs in the middle. Then continue with the beck on your left.


The next village you reach has a listening device included. What is the village called?

Answer (5 pts)

Turn left at :-


Then take the right hand route to Malcak.(anagram).







In wrought iron, (something) Thorpe (something).

Answer (5 pts)

Up a 1 in 6, down 11% to the opposite of Le Morning.


Who are the merry cultivators?


Answer (5 pts)


This street is cursed?


Answer (5 pts)

Valley of the foxy lady, almost.


What else do you find at Toisland?


Answer (5 pts)


Asking a relative to multiply.


Answer (5 pts)


Angry lock pickers.


Answer (5 pts)

Leaving the village, turn right for  F.P.H. (3,3,5) and then immediately left uphill 16%. 


This sheep farm shows true.


Answer (5 pts)


Mind yours when going inn.


Answer (5 pts)

Two brown signs, one for a W.P., the other for a W.C.








Locate this, and you've reached your goal. What village have you finished up in?

Answer (5 pts)

If you got everything correct, you scored 100 points.

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