A drive through some of the lesser known villages of the Yorkshire Wolds, starting from the ancient market town of Beverley and finishing in another charming town, Driffield., keeping clear of most major 'A' roads and sticking to the backroads that wind through this pleasant land.


Less than 20 miles.


Approx 3 - 4 hours


Starting in Beverley (there are no answers to be found in the market town) leave via the road to the racecourse, driving through the cattle pastureland until you reach Bishop Burton. Then, sticking to the backroads, visit Cherry Burton, Etton, Lockington, Lund, Bainton, Southburn, Hutton Cranswick, Skern and Wansford, before arriving in Driffield. One hint. In several of the villages, you will find the local church hidden away from the centre of the village. Ensure you hunt these out down their little country lanes.

Historical Information

Cherry Burton and Bishop Burton used to be called North & South Burton.

'Burton' features a lot in Wolds village names. It derives from the ancient norse and dane terms 'Burgh' and 'Ton' and combined they mean 'fortified place'. Hutton' means 'Hill Town'.

The church at Hutton Cranswick has 6 fine bells. An old story says that 3 of these were originally meant to go to Driffield, but were delivered to Hutton in mistake.

St Andrews church at Bainton is called 'the Cathedral of the Wolds'.


The first 4 photo I.D. questions relate to locations that could be anywhere on the route. They are all church buildings, so watch out for them as you pass through villages.


Where is this? 

Clue: More than one saint.

Answer (4 pts)


Where is this?

Clue: Patron Saint of fishermen.

Answer (3 pts)






Where is this?

Clue: A river crossing near the end of the route.

Answer (4 pts)


Where is this?

Clue: In the same location as either 1,2 or 3, above.


Answer (3 pts)

Leave Beverley on the road out past the racecourse and stop at Bishop Burton 


What's 'stall at rest'?  (anagram)

Clue: located at the race course.

Answer (5 pts)


First, second and third in silhouette.


Answer (4 pts)


You could call it an elaborate drain.


Answer (4 pts)


Where do you find Liberty City, USA mentioned, in Bishop Burton?

Answer (4 pts)


 The public house in Bishop Burton is named after a horse. Which race do you think the horse won?

Answer (3 pts)


They used to make a clean sheep here.


Answer (3 pts)

Double back from Bishop Burton and turn left for Cherry Burton. Take the road to Etton, turn right anf head to Lockington, then back to Lund.




What was rather extravagant about Cherry Burton parish church?

Answer (5 pts)


In Cherry Burton, where do you find a fortified town, B.C.. Clue: Look under the eves.

Answer (4 pts)


A horseman on his way to Market Weighton..


Answer (3 pts)


No way out in Lockington, but at least there's a view from here.

Answer (4 pts)


What does Lockington have in common with Bishop Burton?

Answer (4 pts)


In Lund, look for part of a southern new town, next to a town.

Answer (5 pts)


Don't try to pay here with counterfeit notes.


Answer (5 pts)


Don't drink from here. It could be poison.


Answer (4 pts)


If left is one, right is three and up is three. How come?

Answer (5 pts)

From Lund, drive north to Bainton village, and take the backroad via Southburn to Hutton Cranswick. Then finish up in the hamlet of Skern. if the pub's open, try it. If not, drive up to Driffield.


In Bainton set sail for London. How far?


Answer (3 pts)


To sew nick if you're heavy, lap the prag (what?)


Answer (5 pts)


What is so special about Hutton Cranswick village green?

Answer (3 pts)


A street for werewolves?


Answer (4 pts)


Although not obvious from outside, what do you think may be unusual about the Eagle at Skern?

Answer (5 pts)


What seems unusual about St Leonards church in Skern?

Answer (4 pts)

If you got everything correct, you scored 100 points.      Copyright (c) C.A.S. 2002-6