Spares for Colne to Waddington


Who are 'CS&B'? Clue: locate a stone-built building & look up.

The answer is 'Clifford, Smith & Buchanan', solicitors & estate agents in Colne.


What, in Colne, are named 'Higgin'?

The answer is 'chambers', spelt out above a doorway next to the 'Blockbuster' store.


The capital of Colne on an oak leaf. What trio hang below?

The answer is 'acorns'. Three acorns are under the (capital) letter 'C' on an oak leaf on the Colne coat of arms, an example of which (amongst others) is included in the millenium mural in the town centre.




This is Colne's connection with a coastal resort. Clue: A place of entertainment, in its time.

The answer is 'the Tower Ballroom'. Named after the more famous one in Blackpool?


Two statuettes fittingly representing a brave man. What do they stand for?

The answer is 'valour & music'. These are either side of the bust of Wallace Hartley, the bandleader who went down on the Titanic. A descriptive information board explains their presence.


Where did the bell in Colne Library come from?

The answer is 'the Cloth Hall Belfry'. The belfrey itself (minus bell) is close by the statue of Wallace Hartley, with a plaque briefly explaining its history.


Who was rector of St.Bartholomew's in 1829? Clue: locate the rectory within sight of the war memorial.

The answer is 'John Henderson', as described on the blue plaque outside the rectory grounds.



When did the White Bear first appear?

The answer is '1607'.  (Date over hotel doorway).


In what business were the founders of Barrowford Park engaged?

The answer is 'cotton manufacturers'. See information board in the park itself.


In the next section of the route, identify where this is located (before Barnoldswick).


The answer is 'the Fanny Grey' public house, on the B6251 Foulridge to Barnoldswick road.


What authority had the initials 'BS.B' back in the 19th century?

The answer is 'Barrowford School Board', who were in charge of Blacko School.


S.J.E., founded 1736. Get ale for free tomorrow (not). Where?

The answer is 'Crossgaits (sic) Inn', on the road out of Blacko.