Here are the answers to the North Yorkshire Moors and Esk Valley  puzzle trail. (print on A4 paper for best effect)


There to wake up Ruswarp every morning, religiously? I doubt it.

The answer is, 'the cock' on the top of the church spire.


Two curved horizontals, how many perpendiculars?

The answer is '20', the number of vertical struts holding up the curve of the Ruswarp bridge crossing the river Esk.


What name is engraved in stone above this?

The answer is 'Hempsyke', the name of the man who wrote the verse. It can be found on a water fountain spilling out of a wall on the road to Littlebeck.



In which village is this?

The answer is 'Egton', at the road junction to Guisborough. If you turned left in Egton straight to Egton Bridge, you would miss it. Note that by question 19, there is a clue. You are told to visit Egton, 'both right and left.'


On which church will you find this?

'St Hilda's in Egton'. (It adorns a cellar entrance around the back of the church.


In which village is this bridge?

The answer is 'Egton Bridge'.


Find a dog, fast asleep? (is he from the continent?) The name of a passenger aircraft is represented below it.

The answer is 'Tristar'. Above the entrance to St Hilda's Sneaton, is a coat of arms, showing a dog's head with two letter 'z's'  (continental style) that could represent sleeping (though I'm sure they don't). Below are three stars - 'Tristar'.


How many steps do you need to take to enter the churchyard?

The answer is '12', if you take the stile over the churchyard wall, rather than go through the gate. (there are 6 either side).


Have a drink, postie. Who was monarch when you first made a collection?

The answer is 'Victoria'. An old drinking fountain stands next to a post box in Sneaton. The postbox has 'VR' on it (Victoria Regina).


Where do you walk to from Littlebeck?

The answer is 'Falling Foss'.


What did Henry Ventress do in Littlebeck to celebrate George V's silver jubilee?

The answer is 'plant a tree', close to the river bank by the pedestrian bridge. A plaque commemorates this on the fence around the tree.


Its a bit of a steep climb for your money, whatever its colour.

The answer is 'Blue Bank, the name of the hill from Sleights up to the Moors. There are several road signs warning of the incline. (Money - Bank....)


When you feel a rumble, there's white on the right, what's on the left?


The answer is 'red'. The rumble in question is the one you get when driving across a cattle grid.  There are red and white reflectors on the left and right posts at each grid.


Its all change at Grosmont. What for?

The answer is 'Whitby Town and Middlesbrough' as shown on the sign on the Grosmont railway platform.



What did Grosmont Post Office used to be?

The answer is 'The Tunnel Inn', as told on the information board on Grosmont Station platform.


When was the Whitby and Pickering railway Company Established?

The answer is '1833', as shown on the plaque on the Railway Station Platform.


What should passengers for Levisham do?

The answer is 'Travel in the 3 rear coaches', as instructed on a notice on the Station Platform.


How much used to be the fine for trespassing on the railway?

The answer is 'forty shillings'. At least one notice spells this out near the level crossing. Although it has been painted over this fact is still readable.



Yet another St. Hilda's. What two numbers add up to 3367?

The answer is '1663 and 1704'. These dates are engraved in the stone of St Hilda's Egton. The church was obviously built in stages.


After yet another rumble, a sign will answer, who were they, and what (amoungst other things) did they ever do for us?

The answer is 'Romans and they built a road'. The rumble is the crossing of a cattle grid. Just before entering Goathland a sign points to the Roman Road. The clue is a reference to the classic |Monty Python sketch from the movie, 'Life of Brian'.


How far does Malyan Spout plunge?

Malyan spout is a waterfall near Goathland. An information board on the Goathland bus shelter states that it plunges '70 feet'.


What's the date on the church weather vane?

The answer is '1896'. This date adorns the weather vane on the church in Goathland.



Who should keep to the left when approaching Sleights.

The answer is 'Runaway vehicles' There is a diversion to the left on Blue Bank for runaway vehicles to slow down on.



This building is black and white and has a sign outside that belongs on an Inn, but it isn't. What is it?

The answer is 'the Post Office, Sleights'.

How did you do?