Here are the answers to the Bewdley to Bridgnorth puzzle trail.


A restoration company at work in 1969. What were its initials?

The answer is 'W.B.P.T.'. '(Worcestershire Building Preservation Trust). A blue plaque on the building in the main square commemorates this.


Could be Gabriel?

The answer is 'The Angel' public house, Bewdley.


More than one bird of prey?

The answer is 'Hawkbatch', a recreation area in the Wyre Forest that you pass on your route.


Its the correct colour for when it was made of paper.

The answer is 'Pound Green', a road sign in Buttonoak.




London's oldest bridle path.

The answer is 'Rotten Row, a boarding kennels & farm on the road to Kinlet.


What accompanies the snake?

The answer is 'an Eagle'. The public house in Kinlet is called the Eagle & Serpent.


Who can call the lift 'all mine'?

The answer is 'David Howorth', the sculptor & designer of the Highley clock, featuring a miners lift shaft. See plaque at base of sculpture.


This includes Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine.

The answer is 'New England', signposted in Highley.








A bit of South Africa.

The answer is 'Cape of Good Hope' public house.


Does this mean it rains heavily in Chorley?

The answer is 'Chorley Kennels & Cattery'. (Cats & Dogs).


Lower your head as you enter.

The answer is 'The Duck Inn'.


Watch out for a signpost. What does BBC backwards add up to?

The answer is '10.75' (ten & three-quarters).

This is the combined mileage to Chorley, Billingsley & Bridgnorth


Locate the Methodist Chapel in Stottesdon. When Christ "who is our life" shall appear, how will he appear?

The answer is 'in Glory'. This narrative appears on one of only two gravestones in the tiny Chapel grounds. (Permission was obtained from the owner to use this location in this route).






What hangs with a pair of pliers ouside the blacksmiths at Cleobury North?

The answer is 'a hammer' on the blacksmiths sign.


What is the date on the water trough at Ditton Priors?

The answer is '1845'.


What is the highest hill in Shropshire?

The answer is 'Brown Clee Hill'. See information board in the centre of Ditton village.


What name goes with Thomas Burne?

The answer is 'Roger Taylor', as inscribed beneath the clock on the Town Hall in Bridgnorth.


What happened in Bridgnorth in 1928?

The answer is 'the last cave-dweller left the Hermitage'. See the history boards in the shelter of the town hall.


What is next to the old fire engine station?

The answer is 'Northgate'.





On the remainder of the route, look out for these features. On what building are they found?

The answer is 'the Governor's House', on East castle St..


What building is this?

The answer is 'The Post Office', on West castle St..


Hopefully not a bad one.

The answer is 'The Habit' public house, East Castle St..


Complete the line 'Let those who come after see to it that they.....'.

The answer is 'be not forgotten', inscribed on the war memorial in the castle grounds.










What is the name of the goddess of the river Severn?

The answer is 'Sabrina'. her statue is on the Castle Terrace.


What was the name of King Alfred's daughter?

The answer is 'Aethelflaed', as told on the information board in front of the castle ruins. She built the first fortress there in 912 AD.

How did you do?